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How crunchy are you?

  • Super Crunchy.

    Votes: 36 21.6%
  • Crisp on the outside, warm and squishy in the middle.

    Votes: 104 62.3%
  • Wet soggy bread.

    Votes: 27 16.2%
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I voted for wet soggy bread, but then I took the quiz and got an 86. The only reason it was so high, though is because I make and use cloth for both myself and my babies. We don't buy organic very often (though I would like to) b/c we can't afford it. We only partially co-sleep, doesn't really work for us. We did most of the vaccinations. I did bf, but dd weaned herself early at 13 months b/c my milk dried up due to pregnancy. We don't recycle either, I guess we're too lazy. I try, and I'm getting more crunchy every day. A year ago, I was not crunchy at all. Then I stumbled upon MDC in my cloth diapering quest.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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