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How did you feel when your period was about to return? Please read...

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Hi mommas,
For the past three days I have been so bloated and a little crampy (almost like gas pains). And when Julie pressed, kicks, on climbs on my stomach it hurts! Do you think my period is about to return?? Or maybe I just need more vegetables...
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I felt this way off and on for several months with my second baby and AF didn't return until 13mo pp on the dot.

I'm already feeling the occasional ovulation like twinges and such but no sign of AF yet.
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I get that way occasionally, and I'm starting to suspect it's "ghost" periods, that come when I would've gotten AF if my cycles had resumed yet.
ugh. mine came back at 8 weeks post partum. argh. I'm jealous of you 13 monthers...

I can tell because my milk dries up somewhat and my nipples hurt to nurse, but other than that I dunno....

its possible for it to be back early though...sorry to say.
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