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How did you know you were pg before pp AF?

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I am 11 months pp, no AF, TTA. How do you know if you are pg before your first AF? I often feel a baby kicking which is probably just gas. Maybe I'm just paranoid because I can't imagine having another baby so soon, but I know it does happen . .
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I tested every month to check.
Seriously though I did. And those baby kicks are phantom kicks....for some reasons after we have babies our bodies do it.
I was still getting them up until I got pregnant.
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This is good to know, too. I have no AF, and have been having little kicks, too, right in the right spot, repeatedly. Today when I went to jump up from laying down to stop my 13 month old from falling off the side of the couch, I got a twinge-pain right in the center of my uterus. So something is going on there AF or not.

But my dh had a vasectomy six months ago!
Well, maybe not so funny cuz he never went back with a sperm sample. But I feel dumb every time I reach for a pee test, though I know I should.
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Great question! I'm 14 mo pp w/ no AF yet, and I too have felt the "kicks"! About every other month, I test just to check but will be anxious to hear how others knew they were pg prior to pp AF.
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one having phantom baby kicks!! It's been making me crazy. Maybe it's time to invest in some pg tests.
phantom baby kicks here, too! we're at almost 19 months pp and no AF. What about the cramps, too? I've been having mild cramps for the past year on and off and every time I think "I'm either pregnant or about to start my period" and it has always been neither.
I haven't ever felt phantom baby kicks but this is what happened to me last month:
I'm 9 months PP. Still no AF. I started getting lots of cramping last month so I thought that my AF was on it's way but then it didn't show up(with all my 5 previous pregnancies; I always felt like I was about to have my AF bc of the cramps but then I would get a BFP instead of AF.) ....So I thought that maybe it was an early pregnancy sign.
Last month I tested and it was BFN. (of course my DH too had a V a year ago so I guess I was just holding on to false hope
But I am BF and last month I started feeding solids, and baby started sleeping through the night for about 5 days. So I think my body was secreting (or not) hormones bc my milk supply was lowering in response to not nursing as much. Then a change caused baby to start waking up again and nursing several times during the night again. So I started nursing more and my milk supply went up again. The cramps went away.
So, the hormones being secreted while nursing can make your body do crazy things.
I would suggest charting whether you want to avoid pregnancy or not. That way you can detect if and when you have ovulated and can avoid getting preg or if you want to then you would have a better idea of when you would have conceived so you can predict due date.
Of course the FF is a great site to help you start charting.
Good Luck to you!
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I got pregnant with DD1 before my PPAF. We wanted another baby and I'd been testing like a fiend. Leading up to fertility, I had many phases of fertile quality mucus. We DTD during these times but we weren't sure if I was actually ovulating or just gearing up like the many many times before. Every couple of weeks I was CERTAIN I was pregnant. I was 15 months PP. 16 months, 17 months, finally at 18 months PP, I decided to POAS but was certain I wasn't pregnant. For once I had no pregnancy signs and lo & behold, I actually WAS pregnant!
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