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How did you pick your diaper business name?

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I am on the hunt- the name I was going to use was taken 9 days before I went to buy it- Did I talk too loud??? Did someone find out?? Not to mention in the whole wide world the person who got the domain name lives less than 5 hours from me??? Anyway, I am trying to think now of a new name- so I am wondering how did you get the name for your CD/Mama business- and if you dont have a biz whos name do you just love and why?

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My store name was a result of my last pregnancy. We called our baby "little pearl" while in my belly. My sun sign is Aquarius, and my moon sign is Pisces... I am all about water and the ocean. Once our baby (a girl
) came out, her decided name of Ainsley was thrown aside. As soon as we saw her, all wet and salty smelling, we knew her name was Lorelei (queen of the mermaids). It fit perfect because my husband is of german descent, and the "Lorelei" are mermaids that dwell in the river Rhine in Germany. I had been working on a store that was fairy based, yet one of my friends came out with a faery store, so I had to change that. So, a mermaid theme was the next one I wanted to do, especially after Lorelei's magical birth. The "Hidden Pearl" represents the growing baby within.
My store name was supposed to be "The Hidden Pearl", but when my mom registered our www name, it was taken by a greek orthadox So she made it Hidden Pearl Creations.
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I polled my friends on another board, giving them choices. First it was going to be The Knit Pitt (Pitt is my last name), and then it just started rolling from there. Someone said my DH could be the head KnitWit... hence KnitWitz Baby.

I kinda wanted Jenna Had a Little Lamb, but thought against that. Then someone else mentioned Oops! I Knitted Again.
Mine was a combo of things. I just couldn't think of anything good and then I looked at one of my cats...a calico nonetheless. Plus, I'm always working with calico prints so it seemed appropriate in two ways....the calico baby.
I was going to do "Rainey River Diapers" but the feedback I have gotten says they sound like they will leak- then I heard EnviroBaby and loved it! But it is taken
So that is why I am on the hunt- I want something people will remember- any ideas anyone???
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How can you find out if a name is "taken" biz wise in the CD world

Just by researching probably....sorry now I'm thinking out loud too......
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Hmm, Rainey River.. I guess it does make one think of wet.. but I feel if you have the proper graphics to go with it, it would be great!
I was constantly running after dd and saying "C'mere!!! it's time for a freshie!!!" (fresh diaper). My dh jokes that I should run a sideline biz making adult diapers and call them Fetishies ROFL.
Mine seemed to make sense for what I was making
When I told my dh about your store, he thought the name was "Hidden Procreations"
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Mine is from my son... Actually that was our family webpage originally and was named after him because he was our only child at the time. He loves frogs and originally I wanted to call it CuggleFrogs cause he used to say Cuggle (cuddle and snuggle combined) but people thought I was crazy so I did SnuggleFrogs... Since I already had the domain I just decided that would be what I called my business... The Full LONG name is SnuggleFrogs Snugglies and Baby Bundlers... LOL!
Yeah, a friend of mine wanted me to name my biz "soggy bottom" but that sounded a little too leaky, too!
my ds is Harley, and I started out with HarleyBunz, but it was too close to Fuzzi Bunz, then it progressed to Harleyz Dipeez. Now, those who know my products just call them Harleyz (or Harleez, or Harleys LOL)
When I told my dh about your store, he thought the name was "Hidden Procreations"
: Hey man, I'm all about procreating privately, but naming my store after the "deed"...
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Mine comes from my mom. She used to call out bottoms "butterbeans" because that's what her father had called them.
When I was looking for a name, I didn't want one that would tie me to a certain line of business. I had started out with The Children's Garden a number of years ago, but knew I wanted to make stuff that had nothing to do with children, eventually.

I wanted an earthy, esoteric, not-so-cutesy but just-cute-enough name. And you can't go wrong with alliteration, IMO
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and that lead to the business name...

slogan: "... because nothing about motherhood is ordinary"
business name: "The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe"

I went for 'quaint' with the spelling of 'shoppe', but it's sort of a pain b/c ppl get confused, not that it's that important. Plus the URL is really long, would be nice if it was simpler.

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I have called dd my little tiny heiny since she was born - I always thought it would be a cute name for a diaper biz. About a week after I opened, I found out that Happy Heiny's has a new newborn size called tiny heiny's - I still like my biz name though.
I thought and thought and thought about mine! I was stuck for months, then it came to me. Mine is part acronym for the four elements(air, fire, earth, water) A.F.E.W. Natural Changes
I wanted the elements in my name but could only come up with wafe, lol!!!! When it dawned on me "a few" I jumped up and down. I also wanted it to say natural, then I thought about what I was selling and brain stormed all the names about changing diapers ""changes"", hense, a few natural changes was born

I loke word play and my name has many meanings, it starts with an "a" so it'll be listed close to the top in an alphabetical list, it's a saying, it's an acronym, you are making natural changes when you cloth diaper (a few at a time), I could go on and on, lol

My dd name is Maegan Rain, so I thought of lots of Rain names.....Rain drops, dew drops, rain catchers, you probably know them all!
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