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Hi everyone!

After reading this forum, I decided to do a "Dry July" to help my fitness goals and take advantage of my Coronavirus-slowed social life to see how I feel without regularly drinking alcohol. Even though I knew I'd see a positive impact, it has still been pretty astonishing to see how not drinking has affected my mind and body, and that has caused me to think seriously about permanently pulling back from alcohol. I still see myself imbibing from time to time, but way less than I previously did.

I'll be returning to NYC next month (where I normally live when not quarantining due to the virus) and the big drinking culture that exists there, both personally and professionally. I'm feeling rather anxious about telling my friends on a night out that I'm stopping at one, or not drinking at all. I'm also worried about giving up on myself and drinking even though I don't really feel like it, because it feels too uncomfortable not to.

Ultimately, I know the answer is "Just tell them," but wondering if anyone has gone through this and has some tips for how to deal with it? I'm worried about a few people not taking it well. We live in such a culture, "If you can drink, you should" culture.

Thank you!
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