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DS is 6 and reading and I the only two literacy things we've done are:

Every night I read aloud to him. And not from picture books, but he's always seemed to pay attention and try to find where I am on the page. He'd ask "where does it say everyone" and I'd poitn it out.

Playing games on TVO kids and PBS kids. We tried study dog and starfall but he wasn't interested in games developed to teach reading. Character games (TV show characters) were what did it. We don't have a TV around so I'm OK with computer time.

Oh, maybe this helped motivate him too....BF and I spell stuff out all the time
. We don't have much time away from DS so if something's too good to wait to talk about we spell and just recently we've realised he's gotten pretty good at working out what we're spelling. He's so interested (better than saying nosy, no?) that he can't help but desire to understand what we're saying
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