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Tanglewood has a free learn to read "program" on their site. It's like 20 or 30 "lessons". They're single pages, and so simple and easy. My daughter always loved worksheets and still loves her this was a good thing for her. Plus doing the work was fun and new for her. I started when she turned 4yo. She'd known her letter sounds since she was 2yo's (don't ask how, she was seriously just intuitive with knowing what letters made what sounds..for the most part). We did a page a day like they suggested. I wasn't religious about it. We did it probably 3-5 times a week...+/- on some weeks, ya know. Very lax. Another thing that I think helped immensely, is that at the same time as teaching her to read, we checked out 30-40 books a week at the library, and read them ALL. We read A LOT, A LOT, A LOT. It made her more interested in reading. She's three months shy of 6 now and reads at a fourth/fifth grade reading level (not necessarily comprehending at that level, but she can read at that level).

One that that ends up being difficult for early readers (as I'm finding!) is that they wnat to read "Chapter books" but the easy readers stuff tends to be boring for them, but the harder books are incomprehensible. Ugh.

My ds almost 4yo, doesn't even recognize his letters, let alone know the sounds they make!! Talk about night and day! Then we have a 2yo that is similar to our eldest....but not quite as quick a study... Crazy the way they're all so different!

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