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My daughter is learning now. She writes random letters and then asks me what she spelled. I tell her what sound her letters made and then she is happy. Today, she spelled "HATTT", so I told her it was hat-t-t. Then, I explained that what letters made the sounds. She told me that she had actually meant for the first T to be an X, so, we resounded it out "Haxt-t"

Also, magnet letters placed on your fridge can lead to some pretty interesting words

Then, once she gets the words, you can help her write sentences by using magnet words that she can put together! Like these

My son learned the same way, but he was also interested in signs while I was driving (like your daughter) and would try to read as fast as he could before we passed it. I remember when he read "tai kwon do" and which completely shocked me because I didn't realize how well he was actually understanding things.

It sounds like your daughter can read, but she's not sure how well she can read. Maybe she doesn't have anyone to compare herself to that is her age. I know that my son gained a lot of confidence in K because he knew that a lot of the kids didn't even know thier letters yet. He was reading over a year above the average kids in his class and he was told so by his teacher. If he had been under the impression that he was behind the other children or had no way to compare himself, he may have just told himself that he wasn't that good at it. KWIM?

Best to you
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