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It was realy hit and miss with my dd. She was really gung ho, this was when we were HSing as part of a home study program with the school dist at 5. Prior to that I read to her she learned the alphabet ect. But she got burned out with the busy worksheets they wanted us to turn in. And I didn't like the emphasis on producing things to turn in instead of her learning at her own pace.

Anyway, my mom sent us a phonics program, can't remember which one as it's been over 10 years now. We did some together but she got more frustrated the more we worked on it. I then let it go. We still read things together than she wanted to hear and she was clearly learning but stuck in places. It clicked one day when she was about 7-8 and that was it she was off running.

In our case the biggest problem is that she doesn't like to be corrected or do something wrong so she wanted to do it on her own. She also had a problem with the fact that sounds are inconsistant in English.
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