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And what are you planning for next year? Mistakes? Victories? What have you learned? What have you enjoyed or hated?

This year was our first year with the veggie garden, and I think it went quite well, considering. Tomatoes did reasonably well, but we need to do a better job making sure they are staked thoroughly. The slugs and mice did a number on them (often #2--blech), but we still got our money's worth. The chickens are ranging in there and dh is prepping the third section that was last season's chicken run.

I want to do more beets and carrots and some lettuce. I have plans to start more rhubarb (more! more! more!) outside the deer fence. And we will be expanding the chicken run/veggie garden so we have more room to cycle the chickens through without sacrificing overwintered veggies and stuff.

DH is designing a second larger, stationary greenhouse. I want to suspend the tables by chains from the top so as to nearly eliminate slug issues. The slugs were voracious this year due to our long, wet spring.

We are rethinking the garden at the rental for easier maintenance. Already started moving some raspberries and expanding the lawn a bit. Need heavy, heavy mulch for easier watering next year.

It's been a long process starting over yet again, but we are getting there!
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