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How do cloth diapers fit under baby's clothes?

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I am expecting in dec, and plan on using cloth for this babe. I was just wondering how cloth diapers will fit under baby's clothes? Are they super bulky? I plan on using mostly prefolds and proraps, if that helps. Thanks.
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I don't think they're super bulky, but then, I've never put my dd in disposables, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. Sometimes her pajama bottoms are a little tight over the double diaper, but they still fit.
It depends on the clothes. I have bought pants that were too slim for my dd's cds. Buy roomy cloths and ones that stretch.
I do have to buy bigger clothes on some things, but usually they fit under fine.
From a mama who started cding at 10 months, yeah, cd are way bulkier than sposies...BUT all of dd's clothes fell off her hips in sposies, she is really narrow. So for us, the bulk has been quite helpful in keeping her pants up. ITA to buy stretchy type clothing, plus it's much more comfy for the babe anyway. Or just get a bunch of wool longies, and you wont have to worry at all!
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