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How do I acid-dye wool yarn?

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I'm really wanting to try my hand at this. Can I just use Procion, but add vinegar or something simple like that? How do I do more than one color, do I just paint in on with a squirt bottle? How do I set it? Etc. Does anyone have any good directions or links to them?
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I've used these directions for immersion dyeing wool fabric, with good results; I imagine it would be the same for wool yarn. If you're not doing solid color dyeing, there are also other directions for rainbow dyeing, painting, etc.

I have been wondering the same thing. The instructions that came with my procion dyes from Dharma said that you can use them on wool but the colors will be a bit different than the color swatches that are on the catalog. I am trying to find out if I can use the microwave as my heat source instead of using the stovetop. I am just so worried about all the stirring that is called for and felting the wool. I have some Cascade 220 and some procion dyes that I am going to try using with the microwave. I'll post my results. I am going to use a similar technique to the one I have used with kool-aid.
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