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I am 8w4d with my second and previously posted about surviving pregnancy with a toddler! And...I'm still struggling, but am accepting some of the compromises and limitations that I have right now. I have felt so nauseous and completely exhausted this pregnancy. Prior to pregnancy, we were outside 2+ hours a day, all homemade foods, no TV, crafts, lots of programs. And now...hahaha...not so much.

My DS (26 months) eats a lot of cereal. You have no idea what might bring on the nausea, I was surprised when I discovered that I couldn't handle giving my DS a banana. But cereal doesn't have strong smell and is easy to pour. We have days where we get out, but then there are others where we don't. We haven't gone to any programs in weeks (though we have done a couple playdates with one other child). And...he watches TV. He will only watch Thomas the Tank dvds, but he watches everyday.

I found that when I posted some of my concerns, it was great to hear from others how it's okay to let go a bit. Early pregnancy can hit some of us HARD and you need to rest and care for yourself. You are giving your child a sibling which is a wonderful gift, and as you feel better you can resume your old habits. My DS has actually started to play a bit more on his own and be more patient, and he doesn't seem as upset by the changes as I am! Also, although he watches the TV and eats more packaged food, he never objects to turning off tv or having fruit for a snack. So, I think he'll wean off of these things fairly easily when I am feeling better again and not needing them as much. 2+ years of good habits seems to have had a bigger impact on him than the month or so that I've been feeling so awful.

This is a good day :) I have others where I don't think I will survive, but today I do think it's something we can get through!
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