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I'm not pregnant yet, but wanting another one soon. I have an extremely clingy, high-needs 3yo who is gifted and emotionally/verbally advanced, so explaining things and reasoning with her are no problem. She totally gets what is going on.

But she has to be entertained ALL. THE. TIME. It seriously drives me bananas. I remember being pregnant with her and I was laid up in bed for weeks and weeks during my pregnancy. At the beginning, I would sleep all day long and nothing could keep me awake. It was like I was drugged. After that, the morning sickness (for me, all-day sickness) was debilitating and I lay in bed all day, unable to move.

I live on an island with no friends and no family at all who can help me. I have no money whatsoever for a sitter or a nanny. My husband works about ten hours a day, six days a week, so he won't be able to help me much.

What do you all who have older kids do when you are pregnant and after you have the baby? How do you help your older ones feel loved? How do you manage to care for them when it's so difficult to get out of bed?

I'm already trying to wean her off of so much attention. I know she needs it, but I think it would be better to pry her off of me gradually than all at once when I'm completely hormonal. What techniques did/do you use with your other kids when you just can't do it?

My list so far:

-prepour drinks into cups and snacks into snack bags and keep on bottom shelf of fridge so she can serve herself

-teach her to finally wipe her own bottom properly

-have tons of new toys on hand that she can play with by herself that I can rotate on a daily basis

-TV (which I hate! We don't even own one, but I'm considering it at this point, I'm that scared)


Edit: She also has her own computer (DH is a geek) so if you know of any other good games for young kids besides Starfall, she can probably play that some of the time. Her level is around age 6, so anything between 3 and 6 age-wise is great.
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