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How do I find student doulas in my area?

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Title says it all!
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You can go onto the DONA website and find certified doulas, but you can also email them to find out the info on doulas-in-training in your area.
See if there are any doula trainers near you and ask if they have a list of new doulas.
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Does your local midwifery school have a doula program? They usually have a list.
I haven't asked my midwife yet! I'll give her a call!
Thanks mamas!
Ask certified doulas and childbirth educators in the area if they know anyone who is currently certifying and needs births. If you can't find a doula-in-training, consider bartering/trading/payment plans if you want a doula. Doulas are pretty reasonable and willing to work with women of limited financial means if you really want a doula at the birth.

if you dont find someone let me know and ill post your interest to a doula message board i am on.
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