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How do I get a good fit for a tall baby?

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I'm diapering (and ECing) baby number 2. Both my girls are tall; they were born tall and are consistently above the 75% for height, and hover around 75% for weight... so they are tall and just right chubby-- not chunka chunka.

Lately, it has occurred to me that the reason why DD1 had so many on-going nighttime leakage problems (even in the 'sposies) is that she is tall and has a high rise the diaper leaks at her waistline above her bottom.

We solved DD1's nighttime leakage problem... first with disposable Tushies, later with superstuffed Large FuzziBunz, and more recently with trifold hemp soakers inside a Bunny Patch "Bunny Hugs" side-snapper (without FOE).

NOW: DD2 is leaking a lot.

The size 0 Kissaluvs and size 1 Liz's Cloth Hemp fit alright for the first 2-3 weeks, then her butt-crack started showing. I began using the medium FuzziBunz over these as covers and that worked for a while. The medium FBs with their own stuffers tend to leak, even now at 17 pounds/5-1/2 months.

In the meanwhile, I discovered beautiful prints and I bought some large Valor Kids and medium and large Full Moon Baby Gear (FMBG) AIOs. These tend to work better on both girls. On DD1, I have had no problems... though I don't use these diapers at night for her, just the Bunny Hugs with the trifold hemp soakers.

On DD2, we often have nighttime leakage problems. For a while, it seemed to me that the FMBG AIOs were the answer ... but we have had pee-pee and poopy leaks out the top/back again!

Now, I know I should measure her rise... and compare these to the sizing guidelines at the websites... so I can get a good fit. [In fact, I should've done this before buying pretty dipes!] (BTW, how do I measure? Is there a FAQ on this somewhere?)

I have also thought to try Anika (DD2) in Ursula's larges... the waist seems to fit at the right place, but there are some gaps at the leg gussets... and they seem bulky for her overall size.

I would love to find beautifully printed, side-snapping pocket diapers that were just right for high-rise babies. On the other hand, I love the prints in my current stash (!) and I am wondering if there is a way to make do with what I've got. Maybe I could move the lay-in fleece topper soaker so that it pokes out the top, back of the diaper.. would that work?

Any suggestions?

-- Caitlin, [email protected]
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You could ask a wahm to make a custom!

I've found that my tall girl (she's been between 90% to off the charts since birth) does best with front snappers (but that's because of her chubby legs!) and wool soakers have been a GODSEND for her covers!

To measure rise, take a tape measure and measure (over a fitted for a cover and over nakedness for a fitted) from belly button to above the buttcrack.

I have been fortunate that things fit Libby best with the belly LOW, so it makes up for the high back rise.... she wears diapers a good 2" below her belly button, below her buddha belly

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Do you use prefolds and snappi or pins at all? They can be made very high-rise in the back and come around low in the front, to cup their tummy...
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