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How do i get out of this?

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I am supposed to be going to a party for my aunt and uncle which is 4 hours away from where i live. i am due to be going at lunchtime on saturday with my mum and dad, and coming home sunday afternoon/evening.

i am taking the baby with me, but planning on leaving the boys behind. i know my 5yo will be absolutely fine, but i am worried about my 3yo. it seemed like a good idea when i first said i would go, now i have a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

he has had a few overnights at my parents house and at my il's house with his older brother and was absolutely fine, but being home without me i think may freak him out.

i cant bear the thought of him crying and saying that he wants his mummy and me not being there.

i am sure for the most part he will love a special time with his daddy and brother, they are going to go out all day saturday, swimming, bolwing, cinema, that sort of thing and tv in bed on sunday and going out again for more fun.

but to be honest i really dont want to go and i know that when i leave he will be heartbrokem. will have to get dh to take them out for the day before i go, but then there is always when he gest home and expects me to be there and finds that i am not, then how will he feel?

i really dont want to go, but i dont think my family would understand if i suddenly tell them i am not going.

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So it's only overnight? He's two days older than my dd, and she'd probably be okay with that, but she has a good relationship with her dad. How's his relationship with his dad? Plus, I think oldest children are more confident and used to being alone more.

I guess I think that he'll probably be okay, at this age. You're not leaving him with a stranger, in a strange house. It's his house, and it's his other parent. Does he have severe separation anxiety?
he has separation anxiety upon my leaving but is ok pretty soon after i have gone

i guess his daddy would be able to distract him, he does love his daddy lots
Can you drive yourself and come home that evening? I think he'd probably be okay during the day with his dad, but if he's like my DD, an overnight would be hard for her, especially since we co-sleep. Also it seems like 4 hours in the car might be hard on an infant, too.

Anyway, if you don't really want to go and are just doing it out of obligation, I think you should honor your own needs and desires and not go.
thank you for supporting me

to be honest i actually think he will have a great time having a boys day

he is very close to his daddy and brother, he doesnt co-sleep and sleeps very well on his own all night

he shares bunk beds with his big brother so would probably miss him at night more than me!

dh plans to take them to a big national trust park all day and have a picnic, then go out to dinner then go to the cinema and trhen he is going to take them swimming on sunday morning, have lunch then take them out on their bikes.

i was just getting cold feet last night, but i am not leaving till lunch time today and will be back tomorrow afternoon, so i am sure he will be ok

thank you for helping me decide what is right for us not doing what i thinkother people expect me to do
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Maybe you could take him with you?
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