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how do I get toddler poop out of the carpet?

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DD had a little accident with her pull up this morning and there's now a nice little mess on the carpet. How do I get this out? It's all smeared in.
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a carpet shampooer with some bac out will work wonders, but if you don't have that you'll just need the patience of a saint and a good odor neutrilizer like bac out to blot blot blot blot
blot blot blot...
blot blot blot...

it takes a LONG time, but it will come up and the natural enzyme odor neutrilizer will help too!

Then you can tackle it with some bakign soda once it's dried and vacuum that up.

no fun...I've been there too many times.
I have actually taken all the rugs out and moved to hardwoods because I got so sick of cleaning the messes. (bean has some beahavior related episodes that we haven't figured out yet...)

I hope it comes clean!

I have cut out pieces with scissors in the past too (of carpet)
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I have used spot shot & oxy clean before, both once wet & blotted you can take your vacuum and it will work kinda like shampooing & should come out.
Do you have a wet dry vacuum? If so water it down really well use a scrub brush to loosen everything up and the suck it all up with the vacuum.

Think most every Mom has had to deal with poo messes on carpeting unless some are very smart and dont have that nice soft dirt collecting stuff under foot.
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