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How do I go about figuring out this pattern?

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If you scroll down a bit you will find what the artist calls an Urchin. It looks like a giant puff or scrubbie. I'd really like to figure out the knitting pattern. It looks very simple but....not for me.....yet.

Any ideas?
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omg!!! so much fun she is having doing giant knitting! I don't know about the stitch pattern, but I think you would just cast a few on, start increasing, knit a row between each increase row, get to where you wanted the middle to be, decrease in an even fashion. Maybe search rav for bowl patterns and then add a closure to it. Clear as mud, huh? Have fun!
Look what I found!
She also has a smaller one done in moss stitch (Puff Daddy's Baby)

Happy knitting!
I'd maybe add some short rows in there to give it more shaping...
Thanks so much! I've ben trying to figure out the best pattern for my project.

Short rows are new to me but they are helping to add more bulk to the middle.

The linked pattern is great. I want to knit with strips of fabric and I think that I just might be able to adapt it.

Thanks Again!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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