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How do I go about getting DS evaluated?

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My son just turned 3. He has always been a little behind and reached his milestones later than other children his age (about 3-5 months later). I figured he was just developing at his own pace and ignored it. He is behind in speech and always has been, again, about 5 months behind other children his age. He has a lot of trouble focusing and paying attention. I can tell his mind races a lot. He acts very impulsively. I know he is having trouble and want to get him evaluated. If I could get him some help early, I think it would be a good idea. I know I could walk into a pedi's office and get him an ADD DX but I don't want to have him put on medication. My sister was on ritalin most of her life and I didn't like how it was used as a crutch. I'd like to avoid meds if at all possible.

Any advice on getting DS evaluated? We're in SW FL right now. Any suggestion on classes/things that would help him? He is in daycare 2 days per week and even the owner notices a delay.
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When my DS was 3 I took him to the ped for an eval... and he sent me to the school.. I go my eval and he got speech from the school... then i moved and now he goes to a therapy center... but that is what i did... good luck
You should start w/ the school
It's free and the therapy is free too!

Good luck
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For my son I asked for a referral from our ped for a developmental ped and we were sent to the Marcus Institute (GA) He was seen by a Senior Social Worker, in 3 weeks he sees a child psychologist, in October (yes, October) he'll see the developmental Ped.
We are in the process of going though the school evaluation right now. Our ped sent us after his third birthday when hs delays were getting more noticable. I personally tried to get him evaluated though early intervention a year ago and I was told his speech wasn't delayed enough.
I told our ped of my dd's behavioral problems and she sent us for a referral. Dd has only had one appt witht the psych but he is going to do assessments on her in the coming weeks to see what is going on.
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