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I'm pretty sure DS has environmental allergies. DH has them severely, and so I wouldn't be surprised if DS does too. He's had a runny nose for the last few weeks, but seemed to feel ok (still playing, eating, etc like normal) so I wasn't too worried. But 3 nights ago he ran a fever, which went away on its own the next day. Then yesterday he started coughing. It's a moist productive cough. I'm thinking maybe he's got something bacterial or viral now.<br><br>
Anyway, when I'm sick like this, I know what to do. Rest, vitamin c, herbal tea for the symptoms, basically wait for my body to heal itself. But with my 15 month old son, I feel pretty lost. Can anyone recommend any herbs (and correct dosages) for a kid this young? I'd like to give him something for the cough to make him feel better and also something to keep the allergies under control. DH takes nettles in capsule form, but obviously DS can't swallow pills. Can I open the capsules and mix them with food or make tea?<br><br>
Oh, and I need things that are readily available at Whole Foods or my little local HFS (i.e. no mail-order) because I want to get something to start today.<br><br>
Thanks so much for any advice!
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