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How do I housetrain a puppy???

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I just brought home an 8 week Schnoodle. I gave him food and water when we came home, and an hour later took him outside. He went.....and I just found a puddle of urine on the carpet. It was not form my kids, lol. He did not give me any clues....How do I train him to not do that again? How do I prevent it from happening since he gave no clues?? I have never done this before with a dog, so I have no idea what to expect. Thanks!
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First of all, he probably won't give you any clues at this point... he's still a baby. Take him out often.... after he eats or drinks, after he wakes up, after he plays.... to the point where you think you are outside more than you are in. Always try to take him to the same area. When puppy does pee or poop praise the heck out of him.... to the point where your neighbors will think that you have lost it!
When training our most recent guy this winter, I always told him we were going to 'peepee'. And while we were outside, I would say, "Go peepee for momma."
You will have to watch him inside all of the time. If he does squat to pee, scoop him right up and take him out. I have never made a big deal out of the few mistakes that Zander has made in the house. Eventually, he will start giving you 'signs' which may only be him walking to the door and that's it. So you will have to learn to read him and his behaviors. Our guy now goes to the door and barks. He housetrained really easy and was asking to go out by the time he was 3 1/2 mos. old. Others use crates when housebreaking... hopefully Shannon will post some info on this. Good luck and enjoy!
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Well, last night he slept well in my room, and woke up early, so I brought him downstairs and I went back up. I realize now, that I should have gone outside with him at 4 am. When I came down later, there was poo, and urine on my floor, ugh. I took him outside and he did nothing. I came in and he went. It was after the fact, so I did not take him outside. I took him outside a while after he ate and he did not go......we came in a five minutes later (while I was in the bathroom) he went. What do I do?? How do I get him to go outside and not in the house???
with time & patience & consistency.

the biggest thing is to be consistent. I've seen so many ppl confuse the heck out of a puppy by trying 10 different methods- it won't happen in a few days, it might not happen in a few weeks, it might take more. the best thing you can do is to take the puppy outside OFTEN and every single time he pees or poos out there- praise him a LOT! dogs thrive on love and praise, like the pp said. from the dog's point of view there's no difference right now between the living room rug or the back lawn. you are the one who has to get him to understand, "when I pee outside, my owner pets me and hugs me and says nice things!" it can take a while to get that connection though.

it's difficult, but it's worth it. just keep trying and trying, eventually he will get it. there are lots and lots of books on the subject so you could get one if you wanted, but once you choose a method, stick with it to avoid confusion. good luck
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