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My daughter is occupied with little blankets (actually washcloths), pillows (actually bean bags) and dolls. She arranges them and rearranges them endlessly.
In the kitchen I usually will set up a "project' for my daughter. It usually involves messy things like dry beans/rice or water. This will keep her busy and it's really fun, but you have to clean it up!

Unfortunately, I notice that if my daughter is allowed TV, which she is from time to time when we need extra "help", her capacity to entertain herself dwindles accordingly. Perhaps limit the TV to a specific time of day so your son doesn't even consider turning to it for entertainment in other times of day.

Oh, one more thing…my daughter will play longer if I'm in one spot and she knows exactly where to find me. Perhaps you could set up some toys and relax on the sofa with the little baby while your son plays.

And, if these things don't help just know that he will become more and more interested in playing in the next few months. I know my daughter is playing longer and longer every day and she's only 4 months older than your son.

Congrats on the new one!
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