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How do I know if I have build up?

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I was just wondering if there was a way to tell if I have build up on my diapers? They have not been so absorbent lately, and my DD was at her Gramma's (DH mom) I have no idea how she washed them. (I don't think I want to know)
I have asked her before no to put fabric softeners in with her diapers, but I don't think that she listened.
Dose this only happen with fleece? Or can it happen with flannel too?
I am having the problems with FB,BB, and Kooshies Ultra.

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I would throw them in the washer machine with absolutely nothing - let the machine agitate for a couple minutes, then let it rest (eliminate oxygen bubbles) and then check for suds. If you got lots of suds - you got build-up.
Thanks so much, I will give that a try!

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