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how do I make almond butter in a Vita-mix?

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I keep trying to make almond butter but making almond meal instead--even if I add oil it doesn't seem to work. Plus the Vita-mix makes some awful noises (more awful than usual, anyway). I've made peanut butter tons of times but can't figure out the almond butter--anyone have any suggestions?
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hmm have you tried using the tamper?

(i am lol about the "more awful than usual" noises. it sounds awful to me all the time..hee)
Try calling (or emailing) them. My tamper broke w/in two weeks of receiving the new VM, and I called for a replacement and they were wonderful. Great c/s. They ought to be able to help you or at least point you in the right direction.

Also, there are some Yahoo groups for VM owners, which might be a good place to ask. HTH!

ETA: contact information here:
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