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How do I make him comfortable?

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I have a 3 month old son who I have been trying to wear since he was born. He's big for his age, about 16lbs, and I have a sling that is more on the big side than small, but whenever I put him in he gets upset. I really want to carry him, but he just doesn't seem to like it. I've used the cradle hold, although he seems too squished, and the kangaroo hold. Any suggestions?
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My ds is 3 months & 17 lbs.....he barely fits in his sling! I tried the "first journey" carrier from Baby Trekker last night. He loved it and it was SO nice on my back! Give it a look maybe? Great for bigger babes.
A 3-month-old maybe wouldn't want to be in a cradle hold...probably would like to be more upright? And he may just not like the kangaroo position. You may do well to try a different carrier, if at all possible. And a carrying position that would let him stretch out more. is a great resource for researching carriers and positions.

From my experience, wraps are so, so comfortable and versatile, but it takes a bit of practice and learning. For a big baby, and for ease of use, we've really loved the Ergo. HTH!
What type of sling are you using? What worked for us at that age was an upright Kangaroo with arms out. We also go our MT around that age and that was a lifesaver and all around much more comfortable for baby.
I would go for a wrap. We tried a bunch of different slings and carriers including a Mei Tai. DD would fuss at getting into them and often keep fussing until going to sleep. Nothing really worked well and I was starting to dread leaving the house and wrestling her into something. Now I use a wrap and it's great.. Sometimes, if she was fussy before, she will stop when she sees me getting it on! I can put her in without a whimper or squirm. She enjoys it on walks and errands, and naps in it very easily and just seems all around more comfortable.
I second the wrap recommendation. Griff hated being in a cradle or kangaroo hold at that age and only wanted to be upright against me. Reese also really liked (and still likes) being carried that way.
I agree with the other PPs. My ds hated the cradle hold from birth (odd, no?) and ONLY likes to be in the sling upright. We have a Maya wrap sling which works great for us.
Do you immediately start walking/bouncing gently once he is in? Sometimes they will squirm a little until they feel the motion. Probably won't but hope that helps!
Thank you all! I have a pouch sling. He seems to like the kangaroo carry ok right now, but I am having the hardest time getting him in, it's like I have to squeeze him and push him in
. I'm not really liking the pouch right now also because in that hold he falls to the side which he does not like, and the side by his head (the on my shoulder side) seems to dig in or cover him up which he doesn't like. I"ll have to give a wrap a try. How are they for nursing - I don't really like the whole baby sitting upright nursing look, just isn't for me yet. Too bad this isn't working great, it was free!
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