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How do I make meat really really soft...?

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"The best source of iron for the baby 5 or 6 months of age is meat. Infant cereal has iron, but it is poorly absorbed and may cause the baby to be constipated."

This is a quote by Dr. Jack Newman, MD...a Canadian ped and huge breastfeeding advocate...anyhoo...was researching my DH idea to start baby on more regular kind of foods rather than cereals, etc. DH suggested meat (he says if you look at our family histories, our poeples from Scotland and Finland ate meat, vegetables, non-tropical fruits) and when I tell him I found this, he will be so proud of his papa-insights...

Anyhoo again, HOW DO I COOK THE MEAT TO MAKE IT SUPER SOFT FOR MY 6 month old?????

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I've never heard of giving meat to a baby that young and would actually think it's a huge choking risk. I don't think there is any way to get it thin enough for a baby that young. I'm curious as to why you think you need to introduce meat so early. All the experts I've read recommend starting with pureed, thinned out fruits and veggies first (avacodos, bananas, sweet potatos) If you're breastfeeding, you don't have to worry about baby getting enough iron. The iron in breastmilk is completely bioavailable, meaning that it's able to be completely absorbed by baby as opposed to iron from other sources which is not easily absorbed as just pooped out. There's a very simple heel prick test the dr can do to test iron levels. I think I'd do that before introducing meat to an infant. If baby is low in iron, you (if you're breastfeeding) can eat more iron rich foods or you can give baby a vitamin supplement but if you're bfing, I bet baby's iron is just fine.
I know cero about what is recommended in USA, but I know that in Norway lots of jarred babyfood has meat in it.

Its just as thinly pureed as a jar of fruit/veggies.

We are not told to avoid anything when starting to give solids. Except honey and nuts, ofcourse.

Just wanted to tell how its done here, since I saw that your family comes from Europe too!
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I've heard mama's of old chewed up the meat for their babies, and fed it too them with their finger. I'm more partial to a baby food grinder, or blender, or such. Add a little liquid or veg to give it a smoother texture, if your baby cares. Only start feeding when the baby lets you know he wants it, and remember, the more food you give junior, the less he'll get of breastmilk, which at this age is far more digestable and is full of everything he needs, not just one or two nutrients.
NEVER pre-chew food for your children. You will introduce tooth destroying germs called carries into thier mouths which do not develop them on thier own.

Smilemomma lovingly chewed me out about this one and after I read what she had to say, I will NEVER introduce anything into my childrens mouths that has come from mine.

Use a crockpot. Just put some chicken breasts (on the bone) in a crock pot with some veggies and cook it for several hours. It will become so tender you can mash it with a fork. You can also put it in a grinder. I did not give meat that early.

I NEVER fed my dd cereals. Just started her out on our foods. Slowly. My daughter dove into some salmon pretty early on (it was on my plate and she helped herself) but we tried to stick with easier to digest foods at first. Bananas and breastmilk was a first food. I would also get the gerber organic baby foods and use them as sauce over oatmeal or pasta. Made the baby food go further. But you really dont even need that.

A well cooked butternut squash or sweet potato is a great first food. I read that there is something about NOT giving foods until they have the coresponding teeth to go with it. Something about when the teeth come in, the enzymes to digest that food come with them. For instance, the first teeth are front teeth, perfect for mashed root veggies. The inscisors for meat eating. The molars for grinding grains etc...
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This info is from Dr. Jack Newman, a VERY vocal breastfeeding advocate and Canadian pediatrician...

I really like his common sense approach, yes, even though, it is different advice than most other experts, but the last poster brought up some good points about needing certain enzymes for the specific foods that the teeth go with..THAT makes total sense!

The poster from Norway, that is interesting, too, though re: what the practice is in Europe....

Now I just don't know!!!!
Hey, I don't know about giving meat to an infant either...I wouldn't. There are way better ways to get iron than meat. My understanding is that the best source of iron for a 5 or 6 month old is breastmilk. But if your baby is anemic I would give molasses and perhaps make an herbal iron tonic with dandelion, yellow dock, and molasses.

But on the topic of how to make meat soft, in addition to cooking in a crockpot, marinate the meat for several hours or overnight before cooking it, and include fruit juice in the marinade. Fruit juice tenderizes meat, especially enzyme-rich juice like papaya.
Another way to get super tender meat (for when you're ready) is to pressure cook it. I've made roasts that melt in your mouth in just an hour with a pressure cooker.
spinach is another excellent source of iron.
I just figured out a new way to give my son iron. I make him "molassess lemonade" and he loves it. I squeeze about half a lemon in a 6-oz. cup, fill the rest up mostly with water, then add 1/8 tsp. vitamin C powder (trader joe's) and about a tablespoon of molasses. I add a little maple syrup to make it sweeter. Stir or shake well. He just loves it. And the vitamin C helps absorb the iron.
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