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how do i make my own bubbles?

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Ok there are several different ways to make bubbles:

Home-Made Bubbles
Materials Needed:

1/2 cup dish soap
1 1/2 cups water
2 teaspoons sugar
Mix all 3 ingredients together. Don't stir or shake too much! :) Store in a sealed container. Experiment with blowing bubbles using different items.
Tips from Mark: 1 cup warm water, 1/4 cup blue dishwashing liquid, and 1tsp. salt (If you have some glycerin at home add a teaspoon of it to make even better bubbles). Combine well, but do this gently. Use as you would any other bubbles.

Another recipe:

1/2 cup Dishwashing detergent (120 ml)
4 1/2 Cup Water (1.1 liter)
4 Tablespoons glycerin (available at pharmacies) (60 ml)
Container with a tight fitting lid in which to keep the bubbles
Measuring devices

How To Make It

Gather all your supplies.
Measure out the water, detergent, and glycerin into container.
GENTLY stir the mixture together. If a foam forms, gently skim it off the top.
Find something with which to blow bubbles and begin to have fun.
Note: The longer you let the mixture set, the larger the bubble

Ok and here are a few more:
Mix soap flakes and water in a large container. Add food color or tempera, if desired. Pour into cups and blow bubbles with straws or bubble pipes.

Bubbles 2
1 cup liquid detergent (or no-tears baby shampoo)
3 cups water
Food coloring (optional)
Pour into cups and blow bubbles with straws or bubble pipes. May add food coloring for colored bubbles.

Bubble Bath
2 cups soap flakes (or grated soap)
1 gallon water
1/4-1/2 cup glycerin
2 cups shampoo or liquid dishwashing detergent
Scented oil

Mix the soap flakes, water and 2 tbsp.. glycerin in a pot and set over low heat. Stir occasionally until the soap has dissolved. In a bowl, add a 2 cups of this mixture to the rest of the glycerin and shampoo. Add a few drops of scented oil. Put into a quart container and store covered at room temperature. When ready to use, add one cup to the tub as it is filling .

Giant Bubbles
1 cup liquid detergent (or no-tears baby shampoo)
1 cup glycerin (or corn syrup)
3 cups water
Food coloring (optional)
Round bubble blower made of thin wire (6-8 inches in diameter)

Mix all ingredient together. May add food coloring for colored bubbles.
To make bubble blower, bend a wire clothes hanger into a circle. To form the handle, twist the hook opposite the circle. Wrap the handle with electrical tape or yarn. For bigger bubbles, wrap the circle with cotton twine. This will help absorb more soap mixture. The rounder the circle, the better it works. Florist wire can be used to make smaller wands with different shapes.
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wow mamabug, thanks so much for all the info!!! this should keep me busy tomorrow
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I just saw one too that said you could sub corn syrup for the glycerin but I haven't tried to make bubbles at all yet so I don't know how it works.
i'm looking to make my own bubbles. is it as simple as dish soap and water or is there more to it than that??

I think that is it, though you can also add glycerin I think?

I will double check and post again
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