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How do I move in an organized fashion??

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I am moving.

I am a member, maybe reigning QUEEN of the disorganized and cluttered, house keeping impaired tribe!

Ok, I have lived here almost 2 years, I just this last month got things how i WANT THEM, YOU SHOULD SEE MY KIDS PLAYROOM, SCHOOL ROOM....... any preschool montessori would envy it.

Now, I have dismantle and move. I could cry.

So, I start Midwifery school in the fall, I am a RN I may or may not work, I have 4 kids............ how do I pack so that I can unpack speedily and organized????


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Just wanted to wish you good luck! I am moving next weekend and it has been crazy. I have a 2.5 y-o ds and a 2.5 month-old dd. Finding time to get anything packed is crazy--much less to get it done in an organized manner. I am trying to keep things together, label things really well and decide on the boxes location as soon as it is taped shut. At least then it will be easy to find things. We are also staying at someones house for a few nights so that dh and I can get at least the important things unpacked without the kids rearranging. Hopefully that will make things a little easier.
1. Only put items in boxes that will go into the same room in the new house.

2. Put things you don't use that often together in a box.

3. If you haven't used an item in 6months AND it is not a seasonal item, sell it, give it away, throw it away just don't take it with you.

4. Mark what is on the box.

5. Mark on the box what room in the new house that box will be going into.
I hate moving!!! In fact, I would love to move more into the country, but the idea of packing up, mortgage hunting, etc. makes me nauseous with stress! but a few years ago, we ended up having to move 3 times in less than 6 months. Long story, bad realtor, lawyers involved, etc. Here are some tips I learned and used. There is a website for military wives that covers moving, it is very good and practical because those ladies move alot and sometimes without much warning. Wish I had the address, but you could try a google search.

-Ziploc bags: All sizes to organize all the little junk laying around-pens, junk drawers, utensils, etc.
-color code your rooms: We bought colored stickers and put on the top and side of each box for what room it was going into. then I hung a sign on each room on moving day so that our helpers knew where to take each box and didn't have to keep asking me
-take the time to declutter as you go. takes alot longer, but you will be happy when you move.
-clean as you go, once a room is completely packed and cleaned, shut it off. use it to store all the boxes and such, but resist the urge to go in there and make more messes!
-consider hiring a cleaning service for your final cleaning. You won't feel like it after you have moved out
-make daily goals of what you want to accomplish so you don't fall behind and find yourself trying to do everything in a couple of days
-do fun stuff away from home to get away from the stress. go to a park, picnic, pool, etc.
-give the kids jobs to keep them busy and out of your hair.

Good luck!!!
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