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How do I stop dd from throwing things?

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Whenever dd gets upset for almost any reason (usually when we have to tell her not to do something or to be careful doing something) she will throw anything she might be holding and then anything within reach.
No matter how nicely we try to tell her "no" or "be careful" she always does it. I even try to get things out of reach or try to block her so whatever it is can't go too far but I really want to find a way to discourage the impulse in the first place.

I know it's got to be hard to be a toddler so I'm usually patient about it but it does begin to get frustrating, and I don't want her to hurt anyone or anything.

I don't know if she does this at school because the teachers have never mentioned her even getting upset there but she does do it with her grandparents too.

Any suggestions?
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Wish I knew the answer to this one.
: My dd throws EVERYTHING! Something helpful I heard was to make it not such a big deal, to start talking while calmly going over to retrieve the item. This works sometimes, but mostly the throwing is just so FAST!

BTW - our dd's are the exact same age! It must be that.
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I don't think this is an urge you can just make disapear.

Instead why don't you try to find appropriate ways for her to use those muscles or for her to see stuff flying through the air (I think both are really fascinating).

-get more exercise- it seems to me that the more he runs, rides his bike, cimbs and jumps- the less everything is thrown

-mine love to hang- on my arm, on the shopping cart handle, on the door knobs- they really have an urge to use all thier muscles as much as they can

-playdough or household chores can be good-the squeezing and pounding, a squirt bottle and a rag, vacuuming or sweeping

-are there things she can throw in the house? do you mind if she throws things to pick up- the cars or legos back in the box or can you start a game of throwing rolled socks or bean bags into a basket

- a balloon is endlessly fascinating

Just some thoughts!
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I agree- there's no way to really stop it. You can stop it that particular time with rediretion, but toddlers just love to throw things. I try to have my dd throw her things into a bucket or bin instead of at the sliding glass door, for example. I have to enforce which toys are okay to throw and which are not.

I wish I knew the magic trick... Max throws SO MUCH... it's driving me mad!!! He broke three dishes in one day from throwing them, it really pissed me off because he wouldn't listen to me. He can be holding something up over his shoulder, and I can look directly into his eyes and tell him not to throw it, and that little arm just goes ahead and does it anyway!!! Arrrgghhhh... I just hope this stage doesn't last too long, since there isn't a way to stop it!!!
Oh Yeah! I know that feeling when you just KNOW they're about to throw something and they do it even as you are saying "Please don't!!!"

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