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Originally Posted by frowningfrog
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Honestly Please dont giggle, but I have no idea what it looks like, or signs/ symptoms.

She has been having Diarhea(Possible Dairy Allergy) and she is itchy in her Vagina. Any Ideas?

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icthyness can be caused by anything.. including just being raw from the Diarhea.. or not as clean as usual from the same. it can be easy to treat a possible yeats infection without being to kids will eat acidopholous raw (ew).. but they like it. With my daughter i sometimes took a cloth and really diluted (REALLY diluted) some tea tree oil.. it always made the itching go away.. but too much will burn! unsweetened yogurt rigth on her yoni would help too.. if it is yeast.

if you try to treat it and it stays itchy than you know it is likely not yeast..
if she has an allergy it could be making her itchy too!

itchy yoni's at our house are almost always caused by washgin with soap or bubble bath at grammas (grr) or little girls who didn't change thier under pants!!! on some level i kind of welcome the oppurtunity to hlp educated them on honourign theri bodies!
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