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how do I treat 2 rashes at once?

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DD has a yeast infection on her butt, which I've been trying to treat with probiotics and tea tree oil. I think she got the yeast infection because she had a dry rough skin rash on her butt, which I was trying to treat by putting olive oil on it constantly.

Well now she has both the yeast infection and the dry rough skin rash, and it seems like anything I can do to treat the yeast infection (keeping the area dry, tea tree oil, etc) is going to irritate the other rash. Any suggestions on what I can do to treat both at the same time? I was thinking about trying to put some tea tree oil in with a carrier oil, either jojoba or sweet almond.
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from experience, i would recommend going to the doctor and getting some nystatin cream if it is a yeast rash. you can treat it with everything and the moon, but it probably won't go away without a little extra special help and it can get very bad indeed. the nystatin works very quickly which will allow you to moisturize the dry skin rash.

hope that helps.
I dont know how this would react with the "other" rash, but a dilute vinegar mix worked for my DDs mild yeast rash....
Mix lotramin and buttcream together 50/50, it will cure it. Sorry
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