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how do I treat a 3 month old's yeast infection?

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I'm pretty sure my 3 month old DD has a yeast infection on her butt--she has little red bumps on her butt cheeks and has for a few days. I keep hoping it will go away on its own, but that isn't happening, so I guess I need to know how to treat it. Also, what causes yeast infections in babies? She's never had antibiotics and I haven't had any since before she was conceived.
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Are you sure you don't have thrush? That might cause it. You could do some online searches about thrush and that will give you info on the diaper rash as well since the two are related. I know my SIL used to use lotrimin on her babies.
I don't know much about thrush or yeast infections, but i know thrush can usually be spotted if baby has a thick white coating on back of tounge. And it usually hurts mom's nips to feed. I don't know if probiotics would pass through bm, but perhaps try taking some Accidophillus or yogurt with active bacteria cultures....sugar and breads (because of the yeast) can aggrivate it, so you may want to cut that from your diet. I also know garlic is supposed to fight it ....would a mild sol'n on the bumps work?? (I'd check with someone befor doing that). And aside from taking accidophillus or active can also be applied topically (but i don't know that it would work on the outside, and i definitely wouldn't want to insert it in a babe!- So i'd ask someone about that too).

Remember I don't know much, especially abput infections in babies, so definitely get your trewatmeb=nt okayed by someone who knows what they're talking about.
If it is thrush caused it's (thrush) symptomless, because neither DD nor I have any symptoms of thrush. I've been putting olive oil on DD's butt for a different rash--could the constant moist environment caused by the olive oil have caused the yeast infection?
My DS had the same thing and I was told to use Lotrimin which is an anti-fungal cream. They also told me to use a little 1% hydrocortisonce cream mixed in with that. I used a tiny bit of each mixed together at every diaper change and covered that with diaper cream.

Obviosuly it's not a natural way of treating it, but it worked quicly. BTW - this is also what the same lactation consultant told me to use when I had thrush.

Hope it clears up soon!
Thrush, like yeast, is a fungal infection and they are treated similarly. It does usually spread to the mouth (and mom's nipples) but not always.

The "least medicinal" way to treat it is with a vinegar bath (it doesn't hurt, don't worry!- pour a little vinegar into the bath water after dc has been washed and let sit for a little while, then rinse) and then lots of diaper free time. Fresh air and light kills yeast. At least a half-hour, but as long as you can go. A little baby pee isn't bad to clean up. Sit dc on some towels and let the air "get at it" while you play or read stories.

Olive oil would not be good for it. In fact, you should use the very minimum in the diaper area as possible. If you are using prepared wipes of any kind, stop. They contribute to rashes and fungus, as they trap moisture (as does olive oil, petroleum jelly, and the likes) and made-at-home solutions as well as store bought ones use unneeded chemicals and lotions. All you need is water for a damp washcloth to wipe up and a dry one to pat the bum after a clean. Be sure to throuroughly wash your hands after each diaper change. Less is best.

Also, if you are using cloth, you should strip them and wash them with vinegar as well and hang them out to dry in the light. Just a run through the washer won't kill yeast. No matter what kind of diaper you use, change them frequently.

Finally, if all this doesn't work, you can use Lotrimin or see your doctor for nystatin.

Good luck!
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How do I strip my cloth diapers? How much vinegar do I use in the wash water?

I actually do EC/diaper free so DD does get a lot of air time...which probably explains why the bumps seem to fade at times during the day. I already only use a water wet washcloth for diaper changes, too.

I'll try the vinegar bath and see if that helps. Thanks!
I have had good results giving babe probiotics. Udo's infant blend is one I used when he was very young - cleared up yeast for us. I put it in some EBM.
I always just kind of "eyeballed" the vinegar... maybe something like 1/2 cup in a baby tub?

As for stripping the diapers, go to the diapering forum... I know that sometimes they get all kinds of detergent build-up and things and they need to be throroughly cleaned (we use a diaper service, so I've never personally done it). Those ladies can give you the whole low-down on how to "de-yeastify" diapers!
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