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How do I wash with a front loader?

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We just got a new front loading washer
but I don't know how to wash cloth in it. Since you use less detergent in these, in general, how much do I use for diaper loads?

Any other special instructions????

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Well, we haven't started cloth diapering yet, but here are some instructions I saved on washing with a front loader for when we get going:

(I forgot to save the usernames of those who posted these washing routines, but whomever you are, thank you so much!

I have a Kenmore front loader, and am on the city sewers. I do a very simple CD washing routine, with a variety of hemp and cotton dipes, PUL covers, and fleece liners. I throw everything in from my dry pail (just like Anna's), including the pail liner (just like Anna's). I use Tide, about 1-2tablespoons. I do a prewash on cold, then a hot wash with 2 cold rinses, and an extra long spin. I can program all of this at once, and leave the machine. Then it all goes in the dryer (sometimes I leave the PUL and pocket dipes out to airdry, but DH just throws it all in) on hot for an hour. The only problem I have had in three months is some stains, on my fancy dipes, no less (DS loves to poop in fancy dipes). I just need to put them in the sun, and I'm sure they'll disappear. I also use fleece liners (like Anna). Basically, you might want to try something easy, like just one product, and something you can program your machine to do without attending to it, and see how it goes. I'm still waiting for stinky dipes or something, at which time I'll start in with the Calgon and baking soda, vinegar, etc business. Knock on wood...

I have a Kenmore frontloader without a septic system. We played around with different methods, but DH figured out a system that seems to work quite well. We use Tide free (up the the first line on the scoop) for a cold wash with prewash setting. I use a second rinse, DH does not. Then we do a second cycle on hot with a second rinse with baking soda and vinegar. Sometimes, if buildup seems to be a problem, I'll do another hot cycle with no detergent. I tend to do this about once a month.

I have a Frigidaire frontloader too, and it seems to be doing really well. I put them in for a cold/cold prewash (no detergent) and then a hot/cold regular wash, with a little detergent, and they come out great!
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We have the Whirlpool Duet here is what I do....

***double rinse and spin with a full cup of baking soda (21 mins)

***a whitest whites cycle (hot) with the detergent bin half full (usually Tide or Gain HE) and vinegar in the fabric softner slot.... This cycle includes an extra rinse and takes about 1 hr 10 mins total.

***a second whitest whites cycle with nothing in it. (1hr 10 mins)

We have lots of hemp and this is what works best and keeps them smeling frsh and clean. I use to not do the last wash, but it has become imperative for us.


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I have the Kenmore Elite set (I think) and here is my routine.

-Two cold rinses (21 mins each), no degergent
-Sanitary cycle with a prewash, stain treat, extra rinse, and extended spin (3hr15min), with either powdered Tide, Sportwash, or baking soda and TTO (I'm still working out which I like best)
-Regular hot wash (45min), no detergent

It takes a while, but my dipes are super clean and have no stains. Fortunately, my stash is big enough to accomodate such a long wash.
I have a kenmore HE standard routine is thus:

"prewash" setting on cold with approx a tablespoon of tide (free)
"reg wash" with sportswash (approx a tablespoon, perhaps a little more) on Hot/Cold.
Extra rinse

Then I hang all my pul items, and dry all my hemp/cotton ones.

Occasionally I will do a "short wash" with no rinse with tide, then a second full wash and extra rinse with calgon (found at walmart, it's a water softener...helps remove built up soap residue) if you see bubbles with calgon, you have leftover soap. Depending on how bubbly...I will do a second time.
I've been cding for 5mths now, and i've done it er....3 times?

Then probably once every 2 weeks or so, i'll remove my PUL items and hang them, then run a second wash/extra rinse with a full scoop of oxyclean. Helps break down oils on new hemp/org cotton (and i've had to wash new items pretty much every time...since he's been outgrowing stuff!) and remove stains and smells in the inserts

Hope that helps some!
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I have the whirlpool duet here is my routine.

Rinse and spin with nothing on cold.

Whitest whites setting with the pre-wash option. I use powder Tide HE and fill the scoop to the bottom line and put about 1/3 of that in the pre-wash side and the rest in the regular wash compartment.
Bigbellydreams - Where do you put the detergent for the prewash? I only see compartments for bleach, softener and detergent for the mainwash.


ETA: Hmm, maybe my Duet is a different model, I don't see an option for a prewash.
Mine has top left prewash, bottom left main wash, bottom right softener, top right bleach.

It could be a different model. I know we got the more expensive one but I thought the only difference was the water heater for the sanitary cycle.
Hmm, we've had ours for almost 2 years so it could be a different model. Is your prewash detergent compartment labeled for prewash? Also, is the prewash option under the "Options" selections?

Ya, I have an instruction manual somewhere, guess I need to go dig it out to make sure!

Thanks for your help!
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Thanks everyone! I can't wait until my new washer is delivered.
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Heather, do you use the sanitary setting on fitteds? What does it do to the elastic? I've been a-skeered to try it.

Hmm. Begining to think I should eliminate that third wash I am doing. Perhaps it's just wasteful?

Sigh. I never stick to anything.
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