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How do Tykie Smalls work with the cord?

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I haven't seen any Tykie smalls with the UB snap-down. So, those of you that have used them with your newborns, how well do they work around the cord?

I guess one thing that I need to keep in mind here is that DS has a really, really short rise and I am assuming this lil' guy will too....

Also, DS didn't lose his cord as soon as they said he would, so I am taking into consideration that it could hang around awhile longer than expected.

I hate to lose wear time in a newborn dipe because it might not accommodate the cord. As I am perusing my stash I am quite surprised at how many of our NB dipes don't have the snap-down.

Any input and pics of your sweet lil' thangs in these dipes with thier cords
is appreciated!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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