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DH & I have been married almost 18 yrs. Oldest son is 16. He was the only child for almost 5 yrs. We tried, but couldn't get pregnant, but we were still in school and working full-time, so I guess it was for the best that we didn't have anymore during that time...

Being a religious person as I am, I did pray to the Lord that if I could get pregnant again, I would have as many children as he wanted me too...

So, ever since then (mid 1994), I have been either pregnant or nursing a baby. When I found out I was pregnant with #7, I didn't know how to tell DS. I told DH not to say anything yet to the kids. I did have a baby book sitting on the side of my bed, and one night DS saw it, and was like MOM! YOU AREN"T HAVING ANOTHER BABY, ARE YOU? I laughed it off. Didn't say yes, but didn't say no.

Weeks later, after confiming with my doctor that I was indeed pregnant, that book was still beside my bed, and DS asked again (I think he knew by then because I wasn't feeling well sometimes...and I am never sick). This time we said yes. But I told him not to tell anyone yet, and he said BELIEVE ME! I"M NOT!!

You know how many phone calls I got the next day? And they all said that DS was excited for another sibling!!

The older youth at our church did a little Nativity play for the small children yesterday, and they used a tiny newborn baby (little girl about 6 weeks old) as Jesus, and "Mary" would not hold her...afraid she would drop her. So DS, playing the part of "Joseph" had to hold "Jesus", and everyone including my younger children thought DS was so "cute" holding the little baby.
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