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I got pregnant (we had been TTC but I didn't talk to my dd about it because I was 37 years old and not sure we would be successful) when my only child was 15. I wasn't sure how she would feel about it, but I had a feeling she would be happy because she had mentioned in the past about wishing she had siblings. I learned of the pregnancy in early December, so I decided to tell her on Christmas morning.

I made a small gift box and put a tiny plastic newborn baby in it, wrapped in a scrap of fabric. Then I wrote a note that said, "This precious gift will arrive in 9 months ..." I made sure this gift was the last one to be opened on Christmas morning and when my 15 yo dd opened it she burst into tears. I hurried over and hugged her, crying too, and said, "Are you okay?" and she smiled the most radiant smile and said, "I'm so happy!"
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