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I intend to tell mine by screaming and waving a pee stick in their face.

My situation is a bit different than yours, but I definitely agree with the pp to just tell them. When I first decided to TTC (with a known donor as a single mom by choice since I am 41 and Prince Charming never showed up) I asked the kiddos what they would think hypothetically and then went ahead, trying to keep it as much of a secret as I could to spare them pain in case of a miscarriage or just a bunch of bfns.

Of course my son found out and was very angry with me for hiding such a big, potentially life-changing event.

This time around, both teens have known from the get-go, even though they didn't initially think it was a very good idea. My son's reasoning is that we don't have a lot of money and he doesn't see how we can afford the hospital birth, complete with painkillers, that he thinks I should have.

Things have gone a lot better for us as a family. Even if this is not meant to be and two children are all I'm ever going to have, I'm so glad that I was honest with them and that they have been there to hold my hand and listen to me rant and support me through this whole emotional roller coaster.

It feels kind of awkward because siblings are su;pposed to get the "Mommy's having a baby" talk but with this kind of a humongous spacing, it seems more appropriate to treat them as trusted close friends.

Not that ds didn't spew out the same kind of irrational jealousy that ALL youngest siblings feel about becoming "The Middle Child", mind you.
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