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As a once teen who's parents had a surprise baby I would have to say that they might act embarassed (who wants proof that their parents really do have sex?!), but really, it was the coolest thing. My parents sat us down and said, "Girls, there's something we need to tell you". This same situation had been repeated several times over the past year or two, ending in "your dad has cancer", "we're moving across the country", "your mom needs surgery", etc, etc, so we were a bit panicked until they got to the GOOD news part of it. Hey, maybe they did that on purpose so that even if we weren't excited about the baby, we'd just be relieved no one was dying or moving.
Anyway, you know your kids and I'm sure you also know the best way to tell them. Just present it in a positive light, and share your own excitement and I'm sure they'll get on board.
Oh, maybe mention that this is your baby and while you won't refuse their help, that they are in no way responsible for this child. And then keep that promise as the baby grows. I think, because teens are old enough and often initially eager to help out, they can be taken advantage of, purposefully or not. Ah, the anger I felt at being stuck baby-sitting at home on Friday night, unpaid, while my friends were out.
My much younger brother is one of my favorite people today, and it was really neat to be around while he was small. I also think my parents are parenting him in a better way than they did us, just because they're older, wiser, and a lot more laid back at this point. The only regret I have is that I don't get to live with my brother and experience the day to day of his teen years (they now live in Africa, quite a ways from where dh and I live).
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