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Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Not to put a damper on the joy of such an occasion, but I would be prepared in the event of a less than happy reaction from your teen.

My best friend was 18 when her Mom told her she was pregnant and she freaked out!! She was VERY mad at her Mom and stayed at my house, crying constantly, for the next week. She had a very hard time explaining/dealing with feelings of shock, abandonment, anger, frustration, fear, etc. Her little brother is now 6 and she loves him to death, was a big part of the first couple years of his life, and still makes sure to contact him often even though she lives in a different state.

She ended up being overjoyed to have a little brother - but her first reaction was NOT what her Mom was hoping, or prepared, for. You might need to give your teen some time to adjust to the news.
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