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Originally Posted by its_our_family

Now almost every night he asks for a video to go to sleep by. At first it didn't bother me. I've always had to have noise to sleep. I like sleeping with the TV on. We have no issues with tv watching within reason. When I was little I listened to books on tape to go to sleep but he isn't old enough.

A couple of thoughts: Why do you think he's too young to listen to books on tape?

If you sleep with the TV on, is it fair to expect him not to? I personally like it dark and quiet when I go to sleep, but if my kids want to listen to some music in their room that's fine.

Between the move and all the adjustments that entails, playing the video at night is probably not such a bad thing as long as he has a relatively consistent bedtime and he's getting enough sleep. However, if it bothers you, you could try to introduce alternative ways to get him to sleep and only put on videos when he specifically asks for one.
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