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How do you celebrate Earth Day?

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I'm looking for some new ideas...
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we've recognized it in the past by having a potluck...going for a hike...planting trees with a local chapter of the nature conservancy. green mountain college (an environmental liberal arts school) is nearby and they have an assortment of events that we participate in...(from talks, to action, to fun stuff for kids at their farm)

i guess we just like to acknowledge the day, even if it's not actually doing anything for the earth (like just eating good food with friends)
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Usually celebrating my DDs birthday. Its on the 19th and the weekend closest always seems to be the one for Earthday events. I wanted to go for the prior weekend this year but it was Easter... Maybe next year with can do something.....

I would get involved in a coastal clean up or a Geocaching event called CITO (Cache In Trash Out). Both are held nationally on Earthday weekend.
We'll be doing a beach clean up with, my sister's nonprofit company.
we go on our area farm tour and check out organic and sustainable farms. i love the farm tour! .
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