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How do you deal w/ strangers?

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DD will be 2 next week, and the older she gets, the more I am having to deal with strange looks and comments from strangers. She is at approx 5 months developmentally, she still takes her paci and is drinking from a bottle still, because I cannot get her to take a cup or straw. People give me strange looks all the time when we are out in public, and the other day someone said "isn't she a little too big for a pacifier?" I almost broke down in tears right there. I wanted to scream at her and tell her every single problem my dd has. She isn't nursing anymore, and sometimes the only thing that will comfort her is her paci. Why should I take that away from her because society deems it as innapropriate for a 2 yr old? How do I deal with peope who do not understand my dd w/o bursting into tears or getting upset? What do you say or do when people are rude to you?
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oh mama,
to you. i'm sorry people are so insensitive. I know you'll get great input from the other mamas here. my response would probably have been too nasty to be helful to you
: it's no one's business if your child has a paci, regardless of age or developmental issues.

I can say that when i'm in a good frame of mind, my mantra is "isn't it great how they're all so different?" and "this is what works for our family" I wish i could offer you more!!!
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This is one thing I have never understood. Why does it matter what a child drinks out of or sucks on. All people have calming behaviors-even adults. Lots of adults drink out of sports bottles- how is that so different. Why should we torture children to try to make them stop doing something when it just doesn't matter. Can't this be a choice we leave to them. One of those Nanny shows had an episode recently where they let the children CIO for two nights (most of the night) and I was yelling at the TV- WHY DOES IT EVEN MATTER.

I am sorry those rude people have such an overblown love of their own opinions. It sounds like their rudeness is pushing some buttons with you because of your dc developemental issues. I would be tempted to tell them to kiss my *ss or look at them like they had fallen off a freak truck and made no sense. I hope you find somehting that works for you.
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I would probably look right at them and say "don't you think you're a little too old to be so rude and presumptive?" But then I'm evil.

I'm so sorry.
I hate people sometimes. I really really do. My sister was trying to tell my not to let my ds comfort nurse (he's 17 mos.). I finally said, "why do you care? YOU'RE not the one nursing him." Ugh.
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A cool "Nothing, why do you ask?" should suffice.
There are just way too many people who feel they have a right to butt into your life. My mom's way of answering a rude question is to ask them "How much is in your bank account?" When they sputter that that's a rude/inappropriate question, she responds "So is yours." lol!

Me, I like a "I'm sorry, since when is that any of your business?" kind of response. At this stage of life, I'm tired of being polite to those who feel it's alright to be rude to me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an outright witch...most a calm well-delivered set-down is appropriate in my opinion. For instance, next time, turn and say calmly "My child has special needs and needs her paci for comfort or else she would be screaming through the store. Now, if you happen to be an expert in the realm of special needs children, then I'm all for any advice you can give me. If you're not, then maybe in the future you should think twice before making random comments to parents until you know fully the situation they're dealing with."
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I'm all for bursting into tears. Bet they'd be more careful about asking such pointedly judgmental questions in the future.... ;-)

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