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How do you define a heavy wetter?

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Just courious but how do you define a heavy wetter? Is it how quickly they leak through a fitted diaper or prefold ect and doublers, or how fast they soak through both diaper and cover. For example at night I eaither put my DD to sleep in a Fuzzi Bunz with a hemp prefold in the pocket or a Sandys diaper with fleece topped hemp doubler under a ME air flow cover. For both the Soaker (in the FB or the diaper and doubler will be soaked almost dripping wet but her sheets and bedding will be dry and her skin will be dry from the fleece. I've always said shes a moderate wetter, but wanted to know how others defined theirs? And how they came to the conclusion.

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I think a heavy wetter is one who routinely soakes through diapers and wool covers that other folks consider to be nicely absorbant.

For example, people often describe 5-6 layer hemp diapers as super absorbant but my dd will totally, totally soak the wetzone of one of these in a single pee. Same goes for hemp prefolds, I get about 1.5 hrs (on the go) at most with a trifolded or four folded hemp prefold before it gets icky wet all over.
I've often wondered this - however my daughter lasts about 2.5 hours in one of our Lucys Hope Chest contours - two outer layers of hemp and an extra four in a thin strip down the middle - only about 3 inches wide. So I guess not? Any kind of hemp fitted - like our Little Caboose one for instance - is way overkill for her in the daytime, something like that does just fine for night - with its sewn in soaker and snap in doubler.

I do notice she wets more in the morning than later in the day though.
My DD.
She can pee through a FF every 45 minutes for about 6 hours after she has her lasix. I mean totally soaking up to the waist and the butt. At night she totally drenches a FCB nightlight with the heavy wetter insert. We can not use PUL coated with fabric or we have lots of leaks.
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I compared my guy to others his age with similar eating habits and realized he needed a lot more layers than others did. He is needing at the very minimum of 12layers of hemp fleece at night with a heavy weight wool cover. The entire diaper will be soaked and the cover damp on the inside by morning. During the day he needs a prefold with a 4layer doubler inside or a fitted with at least 8-10layers. This must be changed after 1pee.
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