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How do you do those cute tabs over the aplix?

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You know, those cute tabs with the fabric on the top so you don't just see the back of the aplix. How do you do that? I tried tonight but really botched it. I just zig zagged the edges and I know it will fray. The pics I've seen always look so neat and clean.
Anyway, any help would be great!
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did you fold over the fabric's edges before placing the aplix over it and sewing?
No, I didn't. Is that all you do? Does someone have a close up picture of a tab they could post?
You can use a fabric that doesn't fray, like fleece. You can fold over the edges of the fabric slightly before sewing it to the aplix to keep fraying fabric like cotton weaves from fraying. A zig zag stitched fabric will only fray to the zig zag and then it should stop and you can slip off the loose threads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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