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How do you do your laundry?

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I am just not getting stains out. I can't figure out if I am supposed to soak in cold or hot. How long to wash? In what temperature? Laundry was easy when nobody was spilling a bunch of food or grinding their knees in the dirty. How do you keep your kids clothes stain free?
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I do spot treatments and cold soaks for tough stains (have two little boys who think dirt/mud are the best things since sliced bread
: ). I find that hot washes or soaks will set in stains so do cold first then move on w/your wash routine. Avoid dryer drying if stains aren't completely out the first go-round b/c again, set in stains are sooooo hard to remove. When they play in mud, I hose their clothes off outside in cold water then I'll scrub stains out by hand before I do any actual washing. Basically, the faster you get to the stains, the less likely they are to set in. HTH!
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