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How do you feel during 2ww?

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Hi. I am new to the ttc board and wanted to introduce myself. We have been ttc for the last 3 months. I always thought I knew when I was ovulating, but due to three months of
, I have started to wonder. So, I am paying very close attention to my body this month. I think I pinpointed ovulation. What I noticed most is that my peak day of ovulation I felt crumby, and have ever since. Physically I have been exhausted, restless, irritable, and crampy. Emotionally I have been anxious, hopeful, teary, and fearing disappointment. I have thought...maybe it is pms early, maybe this is just normal post ovulation symptoms, or... and of course, what I hope for...maybe I am pregnant...

I was wondering how others feel, physically and emotionally, during the 2ww (both pregnant and nonpregnant waits - if that makes sense).

Blessings TTCers!
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Hello and welcome!

The first time I was pg...I "knew". The second time I was pg I had alot of fear in me after m/c. My boobs were very sore and I craved lemons...that was it. We m/c again.

Now I'm in the 2ww. I think my mind plays tricks on me. I'm trying not to over analyze my "symtoms". I've been craving beef and hot mustard sauce....tired. That's about it. I'll test over the weekend. I feel little flutters in my lower abdomen sometimes...but could be my mind playing tricks on me wanting to be prg. again. You'd think I'd know by now!!!
Emotionally it's a complete roller coaster, discouraged, then hopeful, sure I'm pregnant, sure I'm neurotic, sure I'm not pregnant, picking out baby names, picking out baby clothes, picking out infertility specialists, canceling all plans for the next three years because of the baby, wondering why I just don't go ahead and and give it up, and back to hopeful again.

Mind you that's just one afternoon. I've been trying for 10 months, I've had more phantom pregnancies than I can count.

Physically, I've been tired, nauseaous, sore breasted, and weepy. I haven't however had a positive test since TTC.

I'm sure lots more folks will chime in, but you might also look through the current 2ww wait topic and a few old ones. You'll certainly get an idea that way.
When I was pg. (and later m/c) I had no symptoms in the 2ww. I wasn't looking for them either...About a week after a positive HPT. I started being over sensitive in the smelling department, very slightly nauseous and tired. Like I said before though, I didn't have any of these symptoms in the first 3 weeks.

Just like gonnabeamom, I have had a lot of "phantom" pregnancy symptoms since. Every month I over analyze every twinge, smell, mood swing I have. Still no positive HPT's since the m/c.

I can't say I ever had the "I just knew" feeling. Nope, none.

Everyone it seems is different. Some women are puking the day of implantation and on. Some have no obvious symptoms throughout the whole pregnancy.

Sorry I don't have a real answer for your question. Good luck and hope you aren't ttc for too long.

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Hi! I am new to this board. Where in the world was I for the past 3 months while ttc#2??? I cannot believe there are other women on this planet like me! I have been totally obsessing with trying for #2! It took my dh and I 4 months to get pregnant with our dd and so far this time it has been 3 months. I have read alot of books and have been shopping for baby clothes. Like I tell my friends "I'd better be pregnant and it better be a girl or my son will sure be sissy looking in all of the girl clothes I've bought"!

I am trying to learn all of the abbreviations so please excuse me if I blunder here: AF just visited me on Wednesday so I guess that means I am on CD2- I thought I had a 30 day cycle but for the past 2 months it has been 27-28 days. I'll take that as a good thing this month meaning that I can try sooner! I think I remember my midwife telling me that my cervix was being pulled back by my uterous (sp?). I cannot for the life of me locate my CP! Has anyone ever heard about taking Robitussin to up your CM? Has anyone ever done it or anything else? How about (please excuse my lewdness as it is not meant to sound that way) sexual positions?
And how about putting a pillow under my behind after the BD? Is that a myth, I haven't tried it yet but am getting desperate! Anyone using LH strips to test for LH surge?

Here's a sprinkle for all my fellow ttc-ers! Maybe some will fall on me!

Becca'sMama, mama to Rebecca (11/00), wife to dh
, :bf
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Well, I am a little different. I have never been pregnant. This cycle is #16.

How do I feel? I try to forget about the fact that I am in the 2ww. I am pretty good at recognizing my af I usually know 2 or 3 days before af shows. I am always depressed when I realize that we have again been unsuccessful. I usually spend the first two days of each cycle crying.

My PMS symptoms are sore boobs, cramps, super tired, irritable...

No idea what I will be like when pg.
Ok, this will sound wierd, but here goes: every non-pg 2ww I've had I was very hopeful and excited...every pg 2ww I've had I started having second thoughts right before I tested +. Must be a hormonal thing?
: Right now I'm at 13dpo and I really want to be pg, so if the pattern holds I'm probably not. As far as physical symptoms, when I was pg I had almost the exact same symptoms as pms...cramps, bloating, irritable, acne, etc. I was never sick until about 6 or 7 weeks.
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