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where there's a will, there's a way.

first, get the phonebook and look up counseling services, therapy or therepists, and any local program you can think of that will lead to a possibility.

it takes at least 20 phonecalls to find the right therapist, even with insurance.

when you are making these calls, ask the following questions: you know of any sliding scale counseling programs?

2. do you know about any depression support groups?

3. when you start getting a list of names, leave messages and when they call you back, ask "how would you decribe your style?"

4. do you work mostly with individuals, or also with couples.(this could come in handy)

5. ask each therapist if they know about a depression support group.

6. pick the 2 therapists you liked best on the phone and make an appt. with each. that is not unusual. let them know. this will make it clear to you.

why support groups work: you talk, you listen, and then suddenly you see yourself crystal clear in someone else's story. you also feel good about the support you offer to others. if you can only afford therapy twice a month for example, a support group can be great for the off weeks.

most importantly, i would like to encourage you to do everything you can to support your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. it's not just good for baby, it's really healthy for you. exclusive and extended breastfeeding do a lot to keep hormones even and promote mental health.

what things support breastfeeding?

1.drink a lot of water whole foods, not white, refined junk.

3.sleep with your baby.

4.take magnesium with calcium at bedtime with a glass of water to rest more at night. take more magnesium if you get up in the night.

5.always offer food to baby only on a full tummy of breastmilk. the opposite is weaning. NURSE FIRST, FOOD SECOND.

6. see nursing as a way to slow down and nurture yourself while nurturing and nourishing baby.

7. find an LLL meeting in your area and GO! you will find personal support as well as breastfeeding support.

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