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I posted a question about finding a good therapist a while back and got some useful responses. Here's my thread:

Esp. read the info NaturalMama wrote on that thread, it was totally helpful to me and that's how I arranged my system for calling/interviewing therapists. The BEST thing I did was to ask other people like me for recommendations. I posted a message to people from my birth center, women in my LLL group, and on the Mothering board "Finding Your Tribe" section for my state. I also called people I found in the phone book, etc., but did not like any of them much and ended up going with (and loving!) a therapist recommended by some of my mom acquaintances. Basically, don't be afraid to put the word out that you are looking for someone good, and then call with questions for those therapists and ask if they will work on a sliding scale, or perhaps in exchange for some service you could provide.

Best of luck! Hope you find someone wonderful.

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