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I found a lot of references from friends and coworkers & my parents' SAHM neighbor (her friends did some babysitting, but not FT).
But - the dcp I decided on was actually recommended by someone in my tribe here on MDC. I'm in Bellevue & just popped over into the WA tribe and asked for leads. I was specifically looking for a center based dcp, not a home provider, and got several replies from other eastside moms. (you could search for my old thread - it was probably around last April)

Good luck! I've been searching for dcp's for nine years and I still think it's the hardest darned thing in the world (and I've given BIRTH........ TWICE

As for price, I pay $800/mo for DS2 - when he was an infant, it was $980/mo. That's in Bellevue, not far from downtown.
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